Republican People's Party and its founders to support Moussa

Thursday 17-05-2012 PM 08:10
Republican People's Party and its founders to support Moussa

The Republican People’s Party and its founders Hasaballah Al-Kafrawi, former minister of housing, Yehia Al-Gamal, former deputy prime minister, and others announced their support for presidential candidate Amr Moussa, Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper reported.

Al-Kafrawi said, in press conference for the party, that “Moussa is a leader for the national dream” he envisions for Egypt after the revolution and is “the only one among the 13 presidential candidates you can bet on.”

On his part, Moussa said he appreciated Al-Kafrawi’s words and his party’s support in the elections.

Moussa stated he “viewed the party’s principles and goals and found they represent a positive moderation that no other party has.” He added that party’s main goal is consistent with his vision which is retaining the spirit of the revolution and realizing its slogans.

“The Republican People’s Party is a new national party joining the multitude of parties that exist in order to create some balance with the parliamentary majority,” Yehia Al-Gamal said.

Hazem Omar, founders’ representative, denied allegations that the party represents remnants of the former regime. “The party groups nationalists and honest people who belong to different fields. The party is currently gathering powers of attorney to be presented to the Parties Affairs Committee within months,” Omar stated.

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